Brand New Website for Absolute Pool Repair

The brand new website for Absolute Pool Repair Company is coming soon. In coming months you will find great information about our pools and our community in these pages including more information about: Pool heaters and filters pool system repairs Pool leak detection Pool re-surfacing In the mean time feel free to call us at 772-643-7281 for a free estimate. … [Read more...]

Importance of Fixing the Leak

A leak in a swimming pool may seem like an insignificant problem to many pool owners. "I'll just keep filling it up with the hose" they think, "what's the big deal?" However, you may be unaware of all the damage a pool leak can cause if left untreated, leading to very costly pool repairs and pool deck repairs down the road. I would like to briefly touch on a few common problems that can be caused … [Read more...]

Leak Detection Guarantee

Here at Absolute Pool Repair, swimming pool leak detections¬†are our specialty.¬† With over 20 years experience working on swimming pools, the best leak detection equipment money can buy, and a college education from Florida State University, we guarantee we will find your leak or there will be no charge! "We guarantee we will find your leak or there will be no charge! " We are also fully licensed … [Read more...]