Salt Water vs. Chlorine?

Many pool owners are switching from the conventional chlorine swimming pools to salt water systems.  So what is the difference?  Instead of adding chlorine to your pool water in the traditional way, the salt water system requires that you add salt to achieve a target salinity.  The salt water system converts salt content in the water into chlorine needed to keep the pool water clean and … [Read more...]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

When it comes to heating your pool water to the perfect temperature for a refreshing swim with your family, you have a few choices. A popular choice for Florida pools is the heat pump type of pool heater. A heat pump  draws heat from the surrounding air which is inherently less expensive than heat produced by burning a fuel such as natural gas or propane. Here is a quick video that will explain … [Read more...]

Armond Aquatech Pools

Here is a beautiful pool with a natural Design to get those idea juices flowing. Traditional Pool by Bridgeport Pools & Spas Armond Aquatech Pools … [Read more...]

Cool Pools For Your Limited Space

If you have a small yard, or just don't want your pool to take up your whole yard,  here are some great inspirational designs for petite pools. Each of these pool designs will add oversize  enjoyment to your home. 8 Ideas for Petite Pools This information is brought to you by Absolute Pool Repair in Vero Beach at (772) 643 7281.  Absolute Pool Repair Company can help maximize your … [Read more...]

Natural Swimming Pools

Filed under COOL POOLS, is this mother nature inspired swimming pool, designed to integrate to the surrounding environment. Traditional Pool by Medway Landscape Contractors R. P. Marzilli & Company Landscape Contractor For more information about turning your existing swimming pool into a cool pool in Vero Beach, Florida, call Absolute Pool Repair today at (772) 643-7281. … [Read more...]

Review: Leak Detection and Repair

"We called Jeremy with Absolute Pool Repair for a leak in our pool. We had been dealing with another leak detection company in Sebastian who obviously had no clue what the problem was. Jeremy came out within 24 hours of us making contact with him and within a couple of hours, located the problem that the other company we had been dealing with for over a month had not been able to locate. Jeremy … [Read more...]

Review: Leak Detection and Repair

"We have been struggling with a pool leak for years. We had our pool “repaired” at least 3 times before. Jeremy and Absolute Pool Repair did such a great job fixing our leak that we actually had to drain our pool for the first time ever after a couple days of rain! Amazing job and great people to work with." ~Mike and Trisha Fox - Vero Beach, Florida Review: Leak Detection and Repair … [Read more...]

Amazing Hidden Swimming Pool

This is a great idea to double the useability of your backyard. We wish we had thought of this. Watch the video below. … [Read more...]

Ten Amazing Hotel Pools

Ten of the most amazing hotel swimming pools from around the world. Watch the video: Ten most amazing hotel pools brought to you by Absolute Pool Repair, your pool repair, leak detection, and pool renovation expert in the Vero Beach area. … [Read more...]