Good Summertime Recipes

Summer Time and the livin is easy! Summer is a great time for fresh fish and a pool party. This recipe from Food & Wine is for Salmon, but pretty much any light, fresh fish will taste great using this tasty recipe. And all of us seem to be trying to make healthier choices these days, so a Fresh, green salad, with crisp cucumbers and tomato would be a great complement to this fish … [Read more...]

Pool Heater Repair in IRC

Absolute Pool Repair owner Jeremy Spilman has built an excellent reputation in Vero Beach, and Indian River County for his ability to troubleshoot and fix the most difficult swimming pool leaks. Along with the right diagnostic tools, Jeremy also possesses the innate logic and observational skills that it take4s to correctly diagnose any problem with your pool or its systems. To be candid, … [Read more...]

Pools, Pools and Pools

Pools, the very word evokes an image of sparkling blue water. Most early pools were used for bathing, or exercise and it wasn't until much later that they became a perk for the rich and famous.  Swimming and bathing pools have been around since the dawn of civilization. … [Read more...]

Good Eats at the Pool

Tired of the same old burgers and potato salad menu? Are you looking for something different and yummy for your Memorial Weekend or Fourth of July party? Here is a great summer recipe from Southern Living:   Ingredients 3 pounds unpeeled, cooked large shrimp $ 1 large red onion, sliced 1 red bell pepper, sliced $ 1 yellow bell … [Read more...]

Pool Safety Rules

Pools can be a great source of pleasure, but when people aren't diligent,they can be a source of tragedy as well. Children are fast,it only takes a second for them to zip by you and jump into the pool. We want you and your friends and family to enjoy your pools, here are some steps which will help to keep everyone safe. " Home Pool Safety Maintaining a Safe Environment Around Your Home … [Read more...]

Types of Pool Heaters

With all the makes and models of pool heaters on the market, how do you select the best one to keep your pool water toasty warm.  Let's start by looking at the different types of pool heaters on the market. There are basically four types of pool heaters to choose from: 1. Electric Resistance Heaters Typically used to heat small therapy pools and portable spas, electric resistance heaters … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Pool Clean

At Absolute Pool Repair we know that pools are a great source of pleasure for the people who own them. Pools require a substantial investment to build.  If not maintained properly, just like your home or car, the cost to repair  will most always be higher than the cost of maintaining your pool properly. One of the things that can ensure your pool provides  a consistent source of great fun is to … [Read more...]

Cool Las Vegas Pool

Cool Las Vegas Pool Las Vegas Weekly went on an exclusive tour of 'Pirate's Cove', a 22,000 square foot, 20 bedroom, 25 bathroom, 3 swimming pool mansion in Boulder City, Nevada, United States! … [Read more...]

Epic Twin Creek Pool

Destination America "Epic Backyards" feature on Twin Creek Farms Estate in Oklahoma City - Kelly Caviness with Caviness Landscape Design created an oasis on a large estate that encompasses a swimming pool with large grotto and natural boulder waterfall, multiple entertainment areas and a large waterfall situated on a lake. Philips Color Kinetics lighting connects all the outdoor spaces at night … [Read more...]

Cool Scuba Pool

This cool video from HGTV shares with us a great solution for scuba diving enthusiasts who live a long way from the nearest dive spot. This "Cool Scuba Pool" located in Mustang, Oklahoma features two swim-through grottos, a massive natural boulder waterfall with a diving platform, a lazy river, beach entry, huge spa and flagstone patio, surrounded by mature landscape.  It gives this homeowner the … [Read more...]