Why Heat Your Pool?

Gulf Stream Heat Pump Vero BeachIn Vero Beach and Sebastian we have hot summers, warm autumns and cool winters. For most of the year we we don’t need heaters running in our homes, but as the night cool down, our pools stay cooler as well, and not many of us like to jump in a cold pool. I know that I don’t.

I like my pool to be a little cool when I first get in, but I don’t want it to be so cold that even when I swim laps I am still feeling cold. People have said to me, “you don’t need a pool heater, who wants to swim in the winter?”  I beg to differ. Winter here isn’t the same as winter in Boston or Connecticut, it’s still pretty warm. If you have a pool of your own, you know that it is a significant investment. To live in such a nice, warm climate and not use my pool for several months seems like a travesty!

I love the feeling of swimming laps after a hard day at work. The water is quiet, all I hear is my breathing and the slap of my hands as they enter the water. When I am finished swimming laps, I can lie on my back and just quietly float. Letting go of everything and just releasing myself to the water. The nice,clean, slightly warm water!!

So why heat my pool? Because I want to use it for as long as I can each year.

If you want to enjoy your pool for more of the year, I can install a pool heater for you, or repair your old one, or perhaps upgrade you to a newer, more efficient heater.


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