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Pool heaters Vero Beach FLAbsolute Pool Repairs  repairs pool and pool heaters for customers all through  Indian River County. While it is not necessarily our business to maintain and clean pools, we know firsthand that a well maintained pool will last longer, keep you and your family healthier and in general it will provide years of pleasure.

If you own a pool, it is much easier to be sure that your pool is a safe and healthy place to be. When using a community or public pool, it is much more difficult to be certain that you and your children are safe.

One simple thing you can do to prevent any possibility of illness is to have everyone take a shower BEFORE they go into the pool, and then shower immediately after getting out of the pool. Keep your mouth shut, don’t swallow pool water. That is the fastest way to catch an illness. Be snoopy. If the pool smells heavily of chlorine, if the steps or the sides of the pool feel at all slimy, and if the water is not crystal clear, get out of that pool.

For those of you who have a pool in your back yard, if you aren’t already using a professional pool cleaning service, you may want to consider doing so. When we get busy, or travel during the hot summer months, keeping up the proper balance of chemicals and regular pool cleanings may be difficult to keep up with. Your pool is a significant investment, protect it by taking proper care of it.

If your pool hasn’t had one in a while, give us a call and we will schedule a time to come out and give your pool a checkup. A problem caught early can almost always save you money.

Enjoy your summer.

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Vero Beach, FL

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